“Rational Satanism got me through an abusive marriage”

Claire Holbrook, 39 and mum of three claims Rational Satanism helped her through some of her darkest days.

Married to her husband for 19 years, they were happy for the majority of them. However when Claire’s third child came along, their relationship rapidly deteriorated. Her husband became mentally controlling of Claire causing significant breakdown within their marriage.

claire's kids 2
Claire’s three children

“After my husbands bi-polar diagnosis, things became progressively worse. He refused to go to work, get out of bed, or look after the children.”

He hit me round the face and shoved me into the wall so hard, I had no idea what he would do next

Claire told me that at this point she was struggling to cope. The toll of having a distant husband with bi-polar, three children to look after, a job, and medical complications became a daily struggle for her.

“After my cervical cancer op I was back at work a week later with a baby strapped to my back because it was what I had to do to get on.”

Although Claire tried to manage her husbands condition, one evening in October of last year their relationship hit an all-time low.

“In October last year I came home after work and my husband was in a terrible mood, after an argument we had in the kitchen he smashed a bowl on the floor in anger. I started to sweep the floor, he came over to me and took the broom from me smacking me across the face with it. He then shoved me against the wall so violently it bruised the whole of my chest. At this point I had no idea what he was going to do next.”

Soon after the incident Claire came across someone she knew who told her about Rational Satanism. After learning more about the group and its members she figured that Rational Satanism mindset resonated with her. That mindset being- that she needed to take charge of her own life.

“Something in me woke up and I thought hang on a sec this isn’t right. There’s no point me praying to somebody in the clouds to make this mess go away, I had to take charge of this relationship and bring my life back around which is something Rational Satanism taught me.”

My husband believed Rational Satanism was an illness I would wake up from

She became affiliated with Rational Satanism and got more involved with talking to them and told me that the group was great for her to have a laugh when she was down and alone.

“I don‘t have any family, things at home were really bad and whenever the kids were in bed, there was always someone online to talk to, telling me the things I needed to hear to make me stronger.”

I asked Claire if she told her husband that she joined Satanism,  which she told me that after telling him, he believed Satanism was an illness she would wake up from.

According to Claire the adoption of the satanic philosophy means that she no longer ‘takes crap form people’ . Although she lives still lives with her husband until she finds new accommodation, he no longer bothers her. Claire told me that this was mostly down to improved confidence and the fact that she now gets what she wants out of life.








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