I spent Halloween with some Rational Satanists

I’ve had some pretty interesting Halloween nights over the past few years, such as last year when I went to a party as a zombie bride, or the previous year where I attempted to crowd surf a hedge, but this year was the wackiest yet. I spent the day with people which according to my mother would offer me as a human sacrifice.

I arrived in High Wycombe to be greeted by Rational Satanists in an old country pub. After a few introductions they said “So you’re the human sacrifice today then?” (I nervously laughed) contemplating whether my fate would be consigned to a burning stake in some dark pit, or whether i’d be tucking into a nice pub roast, fortunately/unfortunately neither were in store.

After chatting to several of the members it occurred to me the vastly different backgrounds the Rational Satanism members come from. One man works in mental health caring for children, there was a karaoke artist and one man was a bouncer for a club in Bristol. The stigma of satanists spending their lives worshipping the devil in a cave, sacrificing a goats immediately lifted, these people had real jobs and dare I say it- appeared normal?!

IMG_5677As the night progressed I found out some fascinating reasons why these individuals have turned to this Satanic alternative. A large majority including the founder Lee Banks were all originally a part of the Church of Satan and left because it apparently wasn’t going anywhere. These Rational Satanists wanted a religion which they could call their own, yet not have to pay to become a member or conform to a hierarchy structure.

Lee Banks, the founder of Rational Satanism told me why he set it up and why he left behind the Church of Satan.

“I was always the odd one out, and seemed different to others, the Church of Satan was great at the time. Going into my early 20’s, the system wasn’t working anymore. I looked at things a different way, I suppose you could say I had a different outlook to Satanism. However the Church of Satan refused any alternative perception of the religion. It’s their way or no way, it doesn’t allow for you to look into other things.

It’s caused entropy disorder within Satanism. Look at how many Satanic strands have popped up in the past ten years. The Church of Satan is clearly stuck in the past.”

People had come from across the country to be in High Wycombe. From Wolverhampton to Jersey it was clear to me why people travelled hundreds of miles to come together…

A satanic group that is adapting to 2015. 


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